The manga of Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan is by Daisuke Yui and published on the website Comic Meteor, which is updated monthly. It is a comedy about the antics of Hakone-chan, a hot spring spirit, and Toya, a boy who helps her get her powers back.[1] Comic Meteor is currently sharing the first 4 chapters in commemoration of the anime's airing in October. [2]

Manga chapters online (as of September 22nd 2015)[2] Edit

Chapter no. Japanese title English translation

ハコネちゃん降臨 Edit

Hakone-chan Appears[3]

ハコネちゃんの秘密箱 Edit

Hakone-chan's Secret Box

ハコネちゃんと足湯 Edit

Hakone-chan and the Foot Bath

ハコネちゃんと早食い競争 Edit

Hakone-chan's Eating-Food-Quickly Competition

ハコネちゃんと天敵 Edit

Hakone-chan and Natural Enemies

ハコネちゃんと鉄甲船 Edit

Manga chapters which are not online anymore (as of September 22nd 2015)[2] Edit

Chapters which are not being shared anymore are denoted by "[chapter title] の公開は終了しました。"([Chapter title] has officially finished.)

Chapter no. Japanese title English translation
5 ハコネちゃんと思い出の湯 Hakone-chan's Bath of Memories
6 ハコネちゃんとゆるキャラ Hakone-chan and the Mascot Character
7 ハコネちゃんと地獄谷 Hakone-chan and the Valley of Boiling Mud
8 ハコネちゃんと温泉卵 Hakone-chan and Hot Spring Eggs
9 ハコネちゃんとハコネ様 Hakone-chan and Hakone-sama
10 ハコネちゃんとミヤちゃん Hakone-chan and Miya-chan
11 ハコネちゃんと温泉プール Hakone-chan and the Hot Spring Pool
12 ハコネちゃんとお珠ヶ池

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